Passport Renewal through the Courtesy Lane of DFA Aseana

Before you read any further, please take note that this article specifically talks about the passport renewal process at the Courtesy Lane of DFA Aseana. For any other passport processes, you may reach DFA through their website.

Art work displayed at the lobby of DFA Aseana

Time went by so fast and I had to renew my passport again. I had decided to renew my passport right after my China trip last June 2017 which was 7 months prior to the expiration of my passport. Being a government employee, I was confident about renewing my passport as a walk-in applicant since I had done that in 2013. But my sister told me that walk-in applicants, even those entitled to use the courtesy lane, are no longer entertained in any DFA office without a confirmed appointment. I wanted to insist (lakas maka-kontrabida) that walk-ins are still accepted without any proof at hand but, I told myself maybe she was right. It’s been over four years after all and situations must have already changed.


After I came home from Beijing, I tried to make an online appointment with DFA with great confidence that I would secure a schedule either at Robinsons Calasiao or Marquee Mall (both near my hometown) at my preferred date and time. Pero sabi nga sa Star Wars, “overconfidence is the most dangerous form of carelessness.” And boy, they were right, the next available schedule in any of the DFA offices near Tarlac is November 2017!  That means I would have to say goodbye to three upcoming trips abroad because of my failure to look into my passport renewal. However, I tried searching online and found a few articles that mentioned that it is possible to renew as a walk-in applicant in DFA Aseana, with the most recent one published last February 2017 (Thanks to Ma’am Meanne of Pinoy Road Trip for the update on her website). I wanted to make sure if the policy still applies so I also checked the DFA website. Unfortunately, I did not see any information confirming such.


I shared my dilemma with my officemate who then told me he saw a recent FB post of his friend, also a government employee, who was able to renew her passport in DFA Aseana as a walk-in applicant. Also, two days before my intended date of visiting DFA Aseana, I saw my former student’s IG post about applying for a passport as a walk-in applicant. She is also a government employee. With the information I had obtained, I had regained my confidence and knew that I would be able to renew my passport and push through with my trips. 🙂


Fast forward to the day of my passport renewal, I went to DFA Aseana at 10AM since Google told me that the office opens at that time. I presented my UMID/GSIS ID to the guard on duty at Gate 3 and told him I was a government employee. He instructed me to head to the second floor. Passing through the first floor, I saw a huge crowd busy with their applications and thought to myself I must be so blessed because I have access to the courtesy lane. But karma seems to travel at the speed of light because as I was moving up the escalator, a sea of people unfolded before my eyes. The office had just opened and the crowd was already that huge? I asked a DFA employee what time the office begins entertaining applications and he told me that they open at 8AM, while some employees who arrive early start processing applications at 7:30AM. Kaya naman pala! Hahaha. At least now you guys already know. Thank me. You’re welcome. Haha.


Certain groups of people are allowed to renew passports at the Courtesy Lane of DFA Aseana without any appointment. Aside from REGULAR government employees, DFA allows the following people as walk-in applicants:


  1. Parents, legal spouse, and unmarried children of government employee
  2. Retired government employees (must avail within one year after retirement)
  3. Incumbent elected officials
  4. Barangay Chairman, Kagawad and SK Chairman
  5. Those with endorsements from the House of Representatives and endorsed by the DLLU
  6. Media personnel with endorsement from the Public Information Services Unit
  7. Those with referrals from DFA employees and head/s of other government agencies (must secure proper endorsements duly signed by authorized signatories of their respective offices. Only original copies will be accepted for verification purposes. Photocopy of DFA employee’s valid I.D. / government agencies official’s Department I.D. must be attached for verification purposes.)
  8. (Genuinely) pregnant women (preferably with medical certificate) (Natawa ako sa geniunely. Baka daw kasi may pumuntang may unan sa tiyan. Haha)
  9. (Genuinely) disabled persons (with PWD ID)
  10. Senior Citizens (60 years old and above)
  11. Minors (7 years old and below)



When applying through the courtesy lane, bring document/s that will prove that you belong to one of the groups enumerated above. In my case, I simply presented my UMID/GSIS ID to prove that I am a regular government employee. Also, bring your expired (or about to expire) passport, photocopy of the passport bio page, 1 valid ID and a photocopy of the front and back of the ID. Easy, yeah? By the way, it’s way better if you already have photocopies of the documents prior to going to DFA because the lines at the photocopying stations can get long at times.


I also brought and presented my PSA birth certificate and another valid ID (with photocopy) but the attending personnel did not bother to take a look at them.


Just to be sure, you may refer to the list found in the DFA website for the required documents for renewal:



By default, the passport fee at the courtesy lane is 1,200 Pesos and processing takes 10 days. It’s a bit more expensive compared to the regular fee of 950 Pesos but processing is faster by 5 days. However, 7 days express processing is only 1,200 Pesos at the regular lane, but only given that you are able to book an appointment. Senior citizens at the courtesy lane may opt to pay only 950 Pesos but processing takes 20 days.



The process is pretty easy and straightforward. What makes the application lengthy is the number of people renewing during the day.  I remember when I renewed my passport back in 2013 at DFA Aseana—no exaggeration here—but I was the only person at the courtesy lane at 9AM! The entire application only took me 15 minutes, photocopying of documents included! Anyway, the following steps outline the application process:


  1. Fill out the application form available at the concierge and submit to attending personnel (DURATION: 3-5 minutes)
  2. When your surname is called by the attending personnel at the concierge, present your documents for checking for completeness and to verify if you are allowed to use the courtesy lane. Once verified, you will be given a queue number. (DURATION: 1-2 minutes)
  3. Once your number is flashed on the monitor, proceed to the specified counter at the Validation Section and submit your documents for validation. Once validated, the attending personnel will hand out a slip with the required payment amount indicated and another queue number. (DURATION depends on the number of people in the queue, but the actual validation process takes less than a minute)
  4. Pay the required amount at the Cashier. (DURATION depends on the number of people in the queue)
  5. Once your new queue number is flashed on the monitor, proceed to the Encoding Section to have your photo, biometric data, and personal data taken and encoded. (DURATION depends on the number of people in the queue but the actual encoding process takes about 3-5 minutes). And you’re done!


But wait, there’s one optional step:


  1. If you are not available to pick up your passport on the specified date, you may have it delivered to your doorstep via LBC by paying a fee of 150 pesos at the designated counter.


It took me 3 hours to complete the renewal process and I was told that my passport will arrive after 11 days instead of 10 para daw ‘di ako magexpect na exactly 10 days just in case. Haha! By the way, they do not allow delivery services if you have an upcoming trip for fear that the passport might not reach you on time. So, if you have a travel brewing soon and you still prefer to have your passport delivered, you may take the risk and tell a lie that you don’t have a trip happening in the coming weeks. Hehe. Lastly, the encoding personnel now encourage applicants to smile a bit in the photo so it won’t look like a mug shot. Just make sure your teeth do not show up and that your face is not too contorted.




Bradco Avenue corner Macapagal Boulevard

Aseana Business Park

Barangay Tambo, Parañaque 1714

Metro Manila, Philippines



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  1. Hello ask Lang Po sa courtesy lane Po sa mga gov employee Po..for example Po husband ko barangay kagawad..xa Lang Po Mismo maka avail non or pwede Po sa mga anak namin n kukuha din Ng passport?? At Anu po requirements please reply..salamat Po.


  2. I’m also faced with the same worry especially that there has been a new regulation limiting the access to the courtesy lane. I’ve tried calling DFA for confirmation but nobody is picking up. Thanks to your article, I can now have more confidence (as I bring along my spouse and mother to DFA) that we can push through with our intended trips this last quarter.


  3. Thanks very much for this article. My case naman I am applying for my renewal of my ppt, unemployed and have one adult daughter teaching in a state university. Pwede kaya na ako lang mag apply as walk-in sa courtesy lane ASEANA and present her GSIS ID, prc or passport and birth certificate. Wala kasi syang time to accompany me on week-days and we have trip in Oct. At may courtesy lane din po ba sa DFA satellite offices na open on Saturdays. Thank you and have a good day!


    • Hello! I think I’ve heard during my visit to DFA ASEANA na pwede pong dalhin na lng ung GSIS ID, passport and birth certificate nung family member na government employee pero I cannot guarantee, so it is best to call them about this. Meron pong courtesy lane sa satellite offices on weekends, pero para lng po sa OFWs, senior citizens, PWD, pregnant women, and minors below 7 years old. Have a great day po!


  4. Dacal a salamat Emir! I am a public school teacher. Thanks for you very informative blog. My last resort is to go to Butuan to have my passport renewed. Gladly I read your post. I just have to wait for my PSA Birth Certificate then off I to DFA Aseana. Thanks again for your help. Blessings!


  5. Hi. Yung passport na pwede sa courtesy lane ay official na pang government (yung green?). Or pwede din yung pang private (yung red?) Thank you!


  6. How about renew for seafarers nagcacacater po b sila sa Dfa Aseana d2 kc ako sta.rosa laguna eh mas malapit kmi dun.


  7. Hello po. Pwede pa po ba ang walk-in kahit wala na po appointment kapag umarried children of gov’t employee? Ilan po ang cover? Tatlo po kasi kami eh. Salamat po.


  8. Hello po! Pwede pa po ba ang walk-in kahit wala na po appointment kapag umarried children of gov’t employee? Ilan po ang cover? Tatlo po kasi kami eh. Salamat po. 🙂


  9. Hi All,

    Can we go to Courtesy with my daughter? She is 7 Years Old can we also get our passports. Makikisabay sana kami is it possible? Thanks.


  10. By any chance may napansin po ba kayong pila ng walk in para sa regular citizen I mean yung hindi kasama sa courtesy lane without appointments?TIA.


  11. Sir I have a question, 10 days lang ba pinakamabilis na pagkuha ng renewed passport? In this article may nakita ako na same day process po, eto po ba ay for 2015 lang? www. Thanks for you response!


  12. Hi Emir!
    My dad’s in a bind, like you, he wasn’t able to get an online appointment (because of the crazy bookings and available slots or more like unavailable slots) He needs to apply for an OEC online, but was invalidated because of his expiring passport (EXP: Jan2018). He is an OFW with no government relations. Take note, he has no OEC, but has visa. He holds no copy of job contract, kasi nandon daw sa Dubai. Can he still go to ASEANA and ask for extension?


    • Hi Amira! That I am not sure if he can apply as an OFW. He needs proof that he has an existing contract para makapagrenew thru the courtesy lane. Any other proof that he could possibly present?


      • I told him maski Job contract i-present nya. Sabi nya nandon sa Dubai (where he always leaves it). Siya na daw bhala mag explain or mang diskarte. Hahay… anyway, he will be going to Aseana this Tuesday. He’ll soon find out. Thanks for the swift reply though


  13. hi pde po magcourtesy lane kng sabay kminkujuha ng passport with my 6 y.o son?thanks


  14. Sa courtesy lane, di ba pwede rin magpa expedite ng release? So pwede ng 7days release?


  15. i wonder if this is still available as i remember that they issued a statement back in august or september last year na they will no longer entertain government employees sa courtesy lanes…


  16. tnx bro….thumbs up!

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Hi! Just want to ask if you encountered a government employee using the courtesy lane but for a new application (not renewal) of passport? Thank you very much.


  18. Ma. Loudette Mallorca January 16, 2018 — 4:43 am

    Pano po pala kapag mag apply palang ng new and sobrang hirap mag pa appointment. government employee ako kaso contractual ang position ko, pwede po kaya ako sa ASEAN?


  19. Sa Aseana lang ba pde ang courtesy lane???


  20. Hello po! I am from Bohol and a contractual employee to a national agency. I have an invitation to attendba meeting outside Philippines which is work related. My passport expired in 2011.. I have only two months left before the actual travel of happen. How can i rush in getting/renewing my passport. Pls take note na contractual employee ako..Need your advice, pls..


    • Wouldnt your agency help you in renewing your passport? In any case, if u happen to have been issued a GSIS ecard or UMID, you are qualified for the courtesy lane, although at ASEANA only. If not, your next option is to get a referral from a DFA employee for u to possibly skip appointment.


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